Supporting Local Organizations

As a family-owned, local business, we are happy to help other members of our community raise money for their nonprofit and educational organizations. We offer fundraising opportunities through pre-order forms and pre-packaged popcorn. On the days leading up to your fundraiser, we're happy to help get the word out and provide promotional flyers.

Pre-Order Forms

The more you sell, the more you earn.

With pre-order forms you can sell bags and tins of popcorn with a variety of flavor options. Turn in the forms 2 weeks before fulfillment and then pick up your orders on the designated date. You’ll earn 50% of sales.

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purple bags

Individual Bags

Start with pre-packaged popcorn!

Organizations are also eligible to sell pre-packed popcorn from Sweet Poppins. A portion of the sales go to the organization. The more bags you sell, the more you earn. We’re happy to provide a variety of different flavor options.

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Please contact us three weeks before your desired fundraiser date so we have time to prepare and get the word out. Organizations are eligible to host fundraisers with us once a month. If you'd like to host a reoccurring event, please contact us to discuss partnership options.

Contact Erica to learn more about fundrasing